This is NOT Where You Will Find a Boring, “Blah-Blah-Blah” Mission Statement

Dear Friend,

This is usually the place on a website where most companies cut-n-paste their boring, generic, professional mission statement, vision statement and all those other things you are told you simply “must have” to be considered “professional” or “respectable”.

At My Solar Life, we said “Nuts” to that.

Our Mission Statement is All About YOU – What We Call “The Power Mobile User”

We decided it is NOT about being professional, or about our product – it is about PEOPLE.  In short, it is about Y-O-U.

You.  The power mobile user.  

The heavy social media user, the busy working adult, the parents staying in touch with the kids or recording those special milestones; the weekend warrior/part-time athlete, medical professional or emergency responder. We are about people like you who use mobile technology on a daily basis for the important things in your life  who can’t afford to miss that special moment, critical call, priceless video or breaking news.

My Solar Life, Inc. is About Making Your Life Easier
by Keeping You Connected to Your Mobile Universe

Making your life easier by keeping you connected to your mobile universe is what My Solar Life, Inc. is all about.  We are a company of serial entrepreneurs, from varied professional backgrounds who all have one thing in common: we heavily rely on mobile technology and staying connected to our mobile universe in almost every aspect of our lives.

When we saw how the My Solar Life family of products could make our lives easier by keeping us connected, eliminating the amount of a pesky power chords and annoying car chargers we had to schlep around, and how we could help out the environment by using the power of the sun to recharge while we were on the go, we jumped at the opportunity.

We asked ourselves, “Selves, how can we share this with the world?” Thus, My Solar Life, Inc and www.mysolarlife.com was born.

So, here we are; a mobile accessory company that is making the lives of  power mobile users easier by keeping them connected to their mobile universe, one device at a time.

My Solar Life Is Also Proud to be a Supporter of the American Cancer Society

While My Solar Life, Inc. believes our products help our environment through water and electrical conservation, we also believe in supporting those who tackle important issues that affect us all, especially in the fields of disease research, prevention and cure.

That is why My Solar Life, Inc. donates one percent (1%) of all online sales to the American Cancer Society.  It is our way of saying, “Thank you” and supporting those who help fight cancer and save our loved ones.

If you would like to read the stuffy, professional stuff, here it is:

Our Mission

 Making the lives of power mobile users easier by keeping them connected to their mobile universe
through the latest in mobile & solar technology.

Find out which of our solar powered mobile accessories products are right for you by visiting our Products Page.