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 If You Are In the Mobile Technology Business Already Selling Mobile Accessories and Would Like to Add Another Profit Center, or You Are the Entreprenuerial Type That Would Like to Make Some Extra Cash, then the My Solar Life Dealer Program is Right Up Your Alley.

If you are a business owner that is interested in adding another profit center to your business, or if you are a go-getter that wants the opportunity to make some money in this challenging economy, then the MSL Dealer program is the answer for you: a scalable, highly profitable business in the fastest growing market in the world.

As an independent MSL Dealer, you will be able to offer any of MSL’s growing, eco-friendly products to your existing customer base as an upsell, or to your future customers as an add-on. If you are in the mobile industry, your current and future customers will be demanding and buying the latest in mobile technology, so having add-on products from My Solar Life gives you an additional profit center that helps your customer and your bottom line.

Here is How It Works

The dealer program is designed for the small business owner or entrepreneur who would build sales of up to 1,000 units per month.

To qualify as a Dealer, the entrepreneur/businessman must purchase the “MSL Introductory Dealer Package”.  This package consists of:

  • Six (6) iPhone4(s) cases 
  • Two (2) iPhone 3 cases
  • One (1) iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case
  • One (1) Solar Powered and Extended Battery Case with Bluetooth Keyboard  
  • In addition the package will contain support material to get the new dealer started in his new business.

This Introductory MSL Dealer Package sells for $495.00

Each approved dealer will receive an I.D. number identifying them as a dealer.  With that I.D. number the dealer will be able to go online to place product orders.  These orders will be shipped directly to his office.

In addition, the dealer will receive a Coupon code which will allow him to send his clients to the site to purchase our products from which his account will be credited.

To get more information to become a qualified dealer, please complete the following or contact Scott Zimmerman at, or call 714.623.8330.

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