Extended Warranty

My Solar Life, Inc.  Extended Warranty Plan

Top three reasons to buy an Extended Warranty Plan:

  • - Peace of mind and protection for your product
  • - Easy and free servicing of your product
  • - Easy purchase process

Products Covered

Extended Warranty Plan coverage is available on all new, used, and refurbished Solar Powered Battery Phone & Tablet Cases sold on MySolarLife.com:

  • - Solar Powered Phones Cases  $9.95/ unit
  • - Solar powered Tablet Cases   $16.95/unit

Extended Warranty Plan Coverage Benefits

  • - One year of product protection
  • - 100% parts and labor costs covered – NO deductible
  • - Toll-free customer service
  • - Quick repair / replacement turnaround
  • - A “No Lemon” Guarantee so that if your product requires more than three repairs, My Solar life, Inc., will replace it for FREE

Extended Warranty for
Solar Powered Phone Cases
Price: $9.95/unit

Extended Warranty for
Solar Powered Tablet Cases
Price: $16.95/unit

Each Extended Warranty Plan Purchased Covers Individual Device, Not For Multiple Devices.
1 Plan = 1 Device.

If you have an Extended Warranty and a device that needs to be replaced, please contact:

Jean Gross

*Note that due to state regulations, Extended Warranty  Plans are not available for sale or purchase in Maine, Alaska, Guam, or Puerto Rico.