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Q.  So what is the big deal about My Solar Life’s iSolar Plus cases for iPhone and iPad?

A.  My Solar Life, Inc. is the first company to bring these products to market.  On top of that, the iSolar Plus case is the first All-in-One Solar Powered Extended Battery Protective Case for iPhones.

Q.  What makes your device different from any other so-called “solar powered” batteries and cases?

A.  There are many solar powered chargers on the market; things like pads that you can lay your device on or hook your device up to and more.  These devices are not conveniently sized, nor are many of them portable, to say nothing of what we call “Power Mobile User” friendly.  Having a solar powered charger does you no good if you have to schlep it around in a backpack or huge briefcase or bag.

Many of these devices do not double as a protective case for your mobile device.  On top of that, the iSolar Plus All-In-One case boasts the largest capacity battery of any of the existing solar powered cases, at 2400mAh (milliamphours) of power.

Finally, My Solar Life, Inc, and the iSolar Plus was the first to production and first to market here in the United States.  Other so-called competitors haven’t even started shipping their products yet, although they list them for sale on their websites.

Q. Will my device charge if it is cloudy outside?

A. Yes.  The MySolarPhone solar panel charges with ANY UV light source, including light on a cloudy day. There is an infrared light on the back bottom corner of the phone case that will indicate that the panel is sensing any light.

Q. Can the case charge in the sun even if it is not connected to my phone?

A. Yes.  Your phone does not need to be inserted in the case for the solar panel to charge the battery.

Q. What if there is no sun, can the case be charged via USB?

A. Yes. The case comes with a USB cable so you can charge the case at night from you laptop or PC, while at home or on the road, or when there is no sun.

Q. How does the Solar Charger work?

A The phone case uses a solar panel to collect sunlight, which it turns into electricity. It transfers this power to your phone. When fully charged or when the phone is not inserted, the solar panel transfers the power to its internal lithium polymer battery.

Q. Will the Solar Battery charge in ambient light, such as in a home or office?

A.  Yes AND No. The Solar Battery will NOT charge under JUST office or home lighting.  Your Solar Battery WILL charge in any room or office where there is a mix of natural sunlight and ambient light.  If there is a smidgen of sunlight, your case will start charging with it.

Q.  So what do I do if I am indoors for extended periods of time?

A.  If you are indoors for extended periods of time, you can use your phone’s internal battery until it is drained, then switch to your Solar battery, until the case is drained, which typically almost triples the life of the battery charge.  From there, you would charge through the use of the custom engineered USB 2.0 cable provided with your case until you can get exposure to some sunlight.

Q. How long will the Solar Battery work?

A. Testing has proven our internal battery will almost triple the run time on your smartphone.

Q. Is the Solar Charger ready to use as soon as I buy it?

A.  Yes. Your Solar Charger comes fully charged from our factory. We suggest you charge the case via the USB or A/C source for the first 10 hours, and then the first 7 to 10 days to properly condition the internal battery.  After that, you can choose sunlight and/or an alternate source.

Q. Can I charge my iPhone or iPad while it is in the Solar Battery Charger?

AYes. There is a mini USB input which will charge both your phone & the solar charger.

Q.  How long will the Solar Battery last?

AThe life of the Battery greatly depends on how it is used.  The more you use it and condition the battery, the better it will perform. The battery charger should last as long as your iPhone.

Q. What is the warranty on this Solar Battery Charger?

A. The product is sold with a standard 90 day limited warranty which covers defects. There is an optional extended warranty that can be purchased for $9.95 (Solar Phone Cases) or $16.95 (Solar Tablet Cases) that fully covers the replacement cost of a broken or defective unit, except shipping costs.  You can go to the Limited Warranty page to get more details.

Q.  Does My Solar Phone support any charitable organizations?

A. The American Cancer Society & Boy Scouts of America have a special place in the heart of the folks that work for My Solar Life. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, MySolarLlife will contribute a portion of every Solar Charger purchased on this website for use on an iPhone or iPad.  My Solar Life is committed to giving back to the community, not only with an environmentally friendlyproduct, but a donation from each unit sold on line will continue each year to a worthy charitable organization on a rotating basis. The decision on which charity to partner with is at the discretion of My Solar Life executive officers.

Q. What are the benefits of Extended Warranty Plan coverage and why should I buy one?

A. Purchasing an Extended Warranty Plan provides you with peace of mind and protection for your purchase.
With Warrantly Plan coverage, if your product breaks, MySolarLife will repair it. Warranty Plan benefits include:

  • One year of product protection
  • 100% parts and labor costs covered – no deductible
  • Toll-free customer service
  • A “No Lemon” Guarantee — if your product fails for the same reason three times, on the fourth occurrence, it’s replaced FREE!

Q. How do I purchase an Extended Warranty Plan?

A. Once your products are in your shopping cart, as you proceed with check out and  payment process, the Extended Warranty plan should show up in our cart as an add-on to your order; you may select it there or visit our Products Page any time within the FIRST TWELVE MONTHS after your purchase. If you are as busy as most of our users, it is probably better just to grab it when you are checking out rather than try to remember and come back.  Just a thought…

Q. What is NOT covered under the Extended Warranty Plan?

A.    The Extended Warranty Plan does NOT cover the following:

  •   Seller misrepresentation
  •   Acts of nature or God
    •   Resale of old/used  products
    •   Abuse/Misuse of products

Q. How much does an Extended Warranty Plan cost?

A.    The cost of a Service Plan is determined by the each product being purchased on MySolarLife.com:

  • Solar Powered Phones Cases  $9.95/ unit
  • Solar powered Tablet Cases   $16.95/unit

 Q. How do I make a claim on my Service Plan product?

A To file a claim and request service for a broken product under an Extended Warranty Plan, simply call MySolarLife at the toll-free number 800-651-9167, and a customer service representative will assist you. Customer service representatives are available 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Thursday & 9AM to 4PM on Fridays.

Q. What options do I have for servicing my product under the Extended Warranty Plan?

A. Once you file a claim, your customer service representative will determine how best to service your product.  My Solar Life, Inc, will service and repair/replace your product. Service options are available through mail-in only.

Q. In what geographical regions are Extended Warranty Plans available?

A. Currently, the Extended Warranty Plan is available to buyers in the United States with the exception of the following states and jurisdictions where state regulations prevent sellers and buyers from selling and buying Service Plans:

  • Maine
  • Alaska
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
Q.  How do I contact someone at My Solar Life, Inc. if I have more questions? 
A.  Please visit our Contact Us page, or if you started there, ended up here and your questions STILL aren’t answered, please fill out the form below:

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