iPad 2 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

We are All Taught the Old Saying, “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” -
but Everybody Does.

The new iGator iPad 2 case with bluetooth keyboard sends the right message about you – and makes your iPad 2 look good, too.


New iGator Leather iPad 2 case with bluetooth keyboard ipad 2 case with bluetooth keyboard Protect your iPad 2 from dings, dents, spills and scratches, stay productive – and look good while you do it.This slim, alligator-textured 8 x 10″ iPad 2 case with bluetooth keyboard completely wraps your iPad 2 in stylish luxury.Your iPad 2 is completely enclosed in a wrap-around sleeve inside the case, guaranteeing it won’t slip or slide and offering complete protection.The super-slim bluetooth keyboard stows away inside the case and remains attached via industrial-strength velcro attachments.You can use your case in a variety of configurations, either leaving the keyboard attached, or detaching it for ease of use. With the keyboard being thinner than the thickness of a pen, it is super-lightweight and easy to use in almost any position.The case stays secured with a firm magnetic strap, keeping your case secured but easy to access when needed.With the iGator iPad 2 case with bluetooth keyboard, you will protect your iPad, stay productive and look stylish, wherever you go. 

Price: $89